Dr. Martin Luther King, President Obama, Gun Control and Abortion

picture courtesy of biography.com
picture courtesy of biography.com

Today, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day. He was a great man of faith, a man with convictions and without compromise, believing in love, honor and respect.

I am writing this post to pay my respect and homage to him. Tomorrow will also be the inauguration for President Obama’s second term.

There will be a lot of references towards Dr.King Jr. and after seeing his niece Aveda King on TV talking about her uncle and criticizing the President and the Washington Establishment, I felt to write some thoughts of mine down about the hypocrisy of this current administration and politicians in general.

Pres. Obama is the most pro abortion President in history.

He is advocating gun control, because of the tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Many young innocent children and adults got killed that day and people are mourning their senseless death. A truly sad day in America, but his proposals on gun control won’t change anything. Criminals do not abide by the law. They are law breakers by nature.

The President spoke much about Sandy Hook, Columbine and Colorado and other tragic events like the shooting in Ft Hood, which was deemed a workplace violence instead of what it really was a terrorist attack.

Yet, this President has no problems with millions of young innocent life’s killed since Roe vs Wade in 1973. He has changed position in his beliefs on abortions during the last campaign, ensuring votes from many of the female voters. Labeling it women’s rights.

Today, on Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we as a nation are celebrating the life and great achievements of this truly amazing leader.

Aveda King, the niece of MLK, spoke out against this hypocrisy on national TV. She said that many give lip service to Dr. King, but are doing the opposite of what he believed in and stood for.

Dr. King Jr.  did not believe in this wide scale abortion or same-sex marriage. Those, in my opinion are not civil rights issues.

There is much hypocrisy in Washington on both side of the aisle. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be honored tomorrow and politicians will quote him, yet they are far from him.

Dr. King Jr. believed in and preached love, Agape love. He believed in the message of Jesus, the message of love.

The inauguration of Pres. Obama today,  will sadly overshadow Martin Luther King Day.

Pres. Obama will use this day also to honor Dr. King, which is fine, but in all reality, I believe that MLK would not be pleased with the policies of this President, when it comes to the abortion issue or same-sex marriage. President Obama flipped flopped on many issues because of political reasons. He compromised for political gain.

Dr. King Jr. was real, he was a man of faith. He had convictions and he stuck to his convictions. He did not compromise on his beliefs and the word of God and what it teaches.

He would not be in agreement with the abortion of so many innocent children since 1973.

Author: Media 4 Life Ministries

I consider myself a biblical Christian and a follower and disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My blogs are from a biblical perspective in a postmodern world. I love to study the Bible and the truth which it brings forth and applying those biblical principles into my daily walk with the Lord. Freelance Photographer and Photo Editor. Contractor for the Media Department at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego. I love to write and I have a passion to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, utilizing the internet. Administrator for Church websites and other ministries. I like reaching out via the social networks to people around the world, that are less fortunate or just need some encouragement in their walk with the Lord. It is not about religion, it is all about a loving relationship with Him Who saved me. All the glory belongs to Him and without Him, I can do nothing. Thank you for visiting my site and please leave me a comment. If you have any questions about the Christian faith, why we believe and what we believe, don’t hesitate to leave me a message. May the Lord bless you all. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good. http://media4lifeministries.com http://media4lifephotography.com https://twitter.com//Media4LifeMin

13 thoughts on “Dr. Martin Luther King, President Obama, Gun Control and Abortion”

  1. It is unfortunate that we have a president who continually contradicts himself on national television. He said healthcare costs would go down and mine went up $100 since 2011 ….. Lie # 1. He said he wants to protect children but yet he continues to think of abortion as women’s health care and a civil right to do whatever you want with an unborn child …… Lie # 2. We have had more gun violence and massacres since Obama took office in 2009 than any other president. I have an idea while we are on the subject of rights ……….. Let’s ban (make a law) that would prevent people who believe in abortion from having and raising children ….. They do NOT deserve them. You can’t love and adore children on one hand and kill them on other hand, it does not make sense in the same sentence ! How can a person believe in abortion when you have already been born, that does not make sense either ! Ether way you stack it, anyone who believes in abortion is not a good role model for children. I think Mr. Obama should have to watch a video of an abortion and then have a discussion as to which children suffered more, the many children who get aborted or the children who got shot in Newton. Abortion is nothing more than laziness of a person to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and the lack of responsibility in a relationship to make good decisions. There are so many people who want to adopt children, but can’t because there are so many children aborted. MLK was an honest and decent man with humane principals. I wish Mr. Obama was a man of character like MLK.


  2. Amen Barb, so true. I got some negative responses on se of my social sites about what I wrote. They said I’m hiding behind the Bible to further my agenda. It’s amazing how liberals judge people that have a conservative view. I’m not the judge when it comes to abortion, same sex marriage and other issues. People have a free will and choice, but there is a judge that will hold those responsible that are contrary to His Word. We are living in a fallen and broken world and I pray that people will see the light one day. Thanks for your comment, many blessings to you, Freddy.


  3. Truthful and loving article…thanks for sharing. I have found myself thinking the same thoughts and especially so re: the abortion issue. Such hypocrisy and manipulation of people and emotions! It’s no wonder the scriptures warns us of “guarding” such. Some will of course continue to view this as one’s choice, free will…however, we all know in our hearts the choice was there long before the conception of the child. It’s an outright lie to think otherwise. God helps us all to see, hear and believe the truth.


  4. Thank you Rick. We are asked to pray for our leaders and that we do. There is a reason and a purpose for everything and God is in control over all things. As long as we are focused on heavenly things, we are in alignment with the will of God.


  5. Hi Freddy,

    I’m glad that you spoke to the dramatic differences between Obama and MLK. Kings’ stance was one committed to the permanent struggle for physical and spiritual freedom, one opposed to the social ills which capitalism has created in the world. Obama, on the other hand, now represents the system in all its exploitative decadence. There are distinct differences on every level starting with moral beliefs and ending with spiritual faith. King was certainly a simple man who had a dream of equality and giving the opportunity to all in this great land. Obama’s platform is being Santa Claus and he being Saint Nick. Everything revolves around this man and his egocentric ideals. What a contrast. I pray for our President and our country as he leads us into the next 4 years. What will it bring? We are in God’s hands and no matter what comes our way, the Lords’ will shall prevail…


  6. MLK can could afford to stick to his convictions because he did not have to govern (let alone be elected). As a general statement, It is without doubt that politicians make compromise for (personal) political gain… however I hope it is understood that compromise is not a bad word. It is actually the most essential component to any democracy.
    MLK deserves our respect, but he was not himself without contradictions…. caveat emptor.


  7. Freddy, I am so proud of you. This is one of your best articles, powerful!!! With so many thousands of people in USA that would agree with you, why is it not changing? C.

    On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 10:04 PM, Media 4 Life Ministries wrote:

    > ** > Media 4 Life Ministries posted: ” picture courtesy of biography.com > Tomorrow we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day. He was a great man of > faith, a man with convictions and without compromise, believing in love, > hono”


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