He is Greater Than I


Today I’m posting a video by my good friends Christafari and their newly released song, He is Greater Than I. Christafari has reached many souls with their music all around the world.

God has done many great things in my life. He freed me from Alcohol, Drugs and a lifestyle of destruction. He is Greater than all of those things that kept me in bondage. There is nothing to great for Him, because our God is Greater. What has God done and is doing in your life? Greater things are to come if we put out trust and faith in Him.

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38, 39.

If you like to know more about the band, please visit: http://christafari.com or http://gospelreggae.com  Visit iTunes to see all their albums and music that is available for downloads: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/christafari/id28546692

Author: Media 4 Life Ministries

I consider myself a biblical Christian and a follower and disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My blogs are from a biblical perspective in a postmodern world. I love to study the Bible and the truth which it brings forth and applying those biblical principles into my daily walk with the Lord. Freelance Photographer and Photo Editor. Contractor for the Media Department at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego. I love to write and I have a passion to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, utilizing the internet. Administrator for Church websites and other ministries. I like reaching out via the social networks to people around the world, that are less fortunate or just need some encouragement in their walk with the Lord. It is not about religion, it is all about a loving relationship with Him Who saved me. All the glory belongs to Him and without Him, I can do nothing. Thank you for visiting my site and please leave me a comment. If you have any questions about the Christian faith, why we believe and what we believe, don’t hesitate to leave me a message. May the Lord bless you all. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good. http://media4lifeministries.com http://media4lifephotography.com https://twitter.com//Media4LifeMin

5 thoughts on “He is Greater Than I”

  1. Thank you for your response to my response. 🙂

    Speaking the Word of God is not judging based on a choice for music style. Re-read what I wrote.

    Nevertheless, with that being said, it is the Saints of God who are instructed to judge amongst the Body of Christ, judge the world, and even the angels. (I Cor. 6:1-7).

    The Lord our God is Holy and “He” has established a way and given unto us commandments. It is our choice whether to adhere to his commandments and obey or not.

    It is God The Father and God alone who saves, delivers, redeems, and changes lives! When Christ is lifted up, the Father will draw men unto himself. He can and has used even a donkey…so there is no greatness in the vessel, but in the Power of the Word!

    The word of our testimony helps us to overcome, it is the Word of God that is the Power of God unto Salvation! If souls were saved at a concert or any other venue, it would be because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, not because of a relating to someone’s life story. If this was the case, then that individual is Christ to them, rather than the Son of God.

    In this day and age there are so many who seek to change God’s program and create their own way and use the souls “God” saves as justification for their methods. God (Jesus) is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Christ gave the example through the Apostles, God’s way gave birth to the Church, built the Church, and will carry the Church through unto the second Coming of Christ!

    It is the association to the style of music being used to draw people, rather than relying on the individual’s love for Jesus Christ and God The Father when they are lifted up. Herein is the error!

    Again, the Lord said: “Come out from among them and be ye separate (holy) saith the Lord!” God does not look on the outer appearance when He calls, but the inner; nevertheless, once He calls you, if you refuse to put on the new man and wear the proper attire befitting the event of the marriage supper of His Son, you will be cast out into outer darkness. “For many are called, but few are chosen!”

    It is a personal choice, and what I can attest to is redefining my character (inner) and appearance (outer) daily through the Word of God as the Lord continues to transform me into the likeness of His Son. I don’t want to resemble the world, I don’t want to hinder any soul’s walk with God by my disobedience to the full Word of God, and I certainly would not want to resemble any part of my old life under the guise that I am being a witness for Christ to the lost.

    I don’t love my old life that much!
    I am Blessed indeed! 🙂
    Thanks for your visit too!


  2. Thank you for your comment. Before I go into Christafari, let me start with saying that Jesus reaches people trough any means, which includes music like Reggae, Rap,Hip Hop, Hard Rock and even Heavy Metal. It is not the music or the rhythm of any genre of music that would be displeasing to God. It is the lifestyle that some live that comes with certain genres of music.

    For example Heavy Metal or Grunge music. Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll as they say is very common and that would be very displeasing to the Lord. Occultism and Satanism is often associated with Heavy Metal. I am a Christian and before I was born again, I listened to Metal and Reggae. I listened to Black Sabbath etc. and I played in a Reggae Band and listened to Reggae music.

    You said that if a person that was a Heavy Metal Musician and came to Christ, but goes back to play the same music, just with Christian lyrics should display a change of persona. I totally agree with that. One example I could give you is Brian Head Welsh, who used to be the bass player for a band called Korn, a very heavy grungy music with tattoos, body-piercings etc. He became a believer and has left the band and has formed with other musicians the band “The Whosoevers”.

    The music is very similar, but the gospel is being preached not only through the lyrics but also by the musicians giving their testimonial’s to the audience. They have become a movement and fill stadiums. A lot of people that go to the concert may not be Christians, but when they see that someone like Brian Head Welch that looks like them, but has a changed nature because of his believe in Christ and hear the gospel, they realize that even-though they have tattoos, piercings or whatever, that Jesus loves them no matter what. Jesus does not look at the outside of people, He looks at the heart. The Whosoevers have transformed many many lives by leading people to Christ.

    The same is true with Christian Rap or Hip Hop artist, they too have changed many peoples lives, because the people could identify themselves with them, seeing that they too can be forgiven.

    God is using people and He has given all of us various gifts. If musical talent, which is a gift from God, He will use anybody, regardless which music genre, to channel that gift and transform people through a person or band.

    I have many Christian music friends that play Heavy Metal to Gospel music and I have seen transformations happening in people that went to see the shows. The most common remark was, wow, these Christians are not as boring as I thought. I can identify myself with them and I want to know more about Jesus.

    I think we need to be very careful not to judge people because they may not play traditional Christian Hymns. There are some Christians that believe no music should be played, some only believe in a-Capella and others believe in contemporary Christian music like Chris Tomlin etc. I believe that if we judge other servants of the Lord by their music, that we become legalistic in nature.

    Now, to Christafari, they are very good friends of mine and I can assure you that they are fully committed Christians that preach the gospel. They have traveled all over the world, South America, Europe, Philippines, and of course the US. They not only play their music but they also give their testimonies to the audience and they preach Christ and Him crucified. They have led thousands to receive the Lord and they have a commitment to the Lord, second to none. I will leave the link to their website, where you can read some of the testimonies, which are amazing. Oh, the Grace of God.

    About the name Christafari, here is a small portion of the biography from iTunes:

    Christafari is the first Christian reggae band. Upon seeing the group’s name and the fact that founder Mark “Tansoback” Mohr sports long dreads, one might deduce that the bandmembers promote a combination of Rastafarianism and Christianity, but the band’s moniker actually comes from the Latin derivation of the Greek New Testament word “Christafaroi”, meaning a group of people who represent Christ.

    I hope that will clear up some things, let us not judge, but let us labor together as the Lord wills.

    Here is the website: http://christafari.com

    Many blessings to you, Freddy.


  3. “TAFARI’ meaning “a man who is to be feared” if this is to be referred to as the Biblical meaning of the word fear (reverence), and it being the beginning of wisdom, then Christafari would be an appropriate terminology. Otherwise, Christ is to be loved and obeyed.

    Because the term is associated with the religion of Rastafarism (and it is a false religion) the group just has to make sure others are pointed to Christ and do not create another “ism” not related to the True Gospel of The Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Christ is Greater than a culture…even the culture of Reggae and Jamaicanism. When we come out of the world, it should be out from all formalities associated with that world that we were once a part of. We don’t have to look like the world in order that we may reach the world! We must put a difference between holy and unholy, between clean and unclean; not showing the world a new and improved version of themselves, but still in the same stronghold and bondage.

    For instance: if a man says that he was saved and set free from the lifestyle of a Heavy Metal Rocker, then why go back and dawn the same image of a Heavy Metal Rocker declaring that you are a witness to Heavy Metal Rockers for Christ. If they don’t see a change in you, why would they change who they are? To them, it’s only a difference in the lyrics you sing about, but the same persona.

    Therefore, we should put on Christ and remove the old garments of the world!


  4. Thank you… Our God is greater and He is continuing to transform my life to His glory each day. I am doing an in-depth study through BSF in the Book of Matthew….I continue to look for ways that I can be more obedient to His will for my life…



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