Iran, Hypocrites and the Peaceful Muslims

Pastor Saeed AbediniAgain we are hearing about a Christian pastor being imprisoned in Iran. Most people are familiar with Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who was recently released from an Iranian jail after serving three years for being a former Muslim who converted to Christianity. This time, it is a native Iranian pastor, though presently an US citizen, who faces a trial in the very near future. His name is Saeed Abedini, a family man who converted from Islam to Christianity.

Some media outlets cover the story, but to a minimum and this man is facing a very tough judge which some call the “hanging judge” next week, on January 21st. His fate is unknown to this point. Iran does not recognize his American citizenship, and from an Islamic point of view, he is a traitor, which is punishable by death.

Nadarkhani was freed after Fox News reported relentlessly about his imprisonment. Where was the liberal media on this? Where are these so-called human rights activists,  or the UN?

What bothers me is, where are all of the peace-loving and peaceful Muslims abroad, and here in the US? I have not seen much protest or outcry from the Muslim community around the world on this injustice that is taking place either.

Is it because Saeed Abedini is a Christian? Why is it that Muslims go berserk over a stupid video, protesting around the world causing death and damages and no one in the Muslim community speaks out? Where is CAIR on this? And where are the peace-loving Muslims in protest of what the Islamic regime of Iran is doing to Christians?

Christians are persecuted around the world, yet nobody seems to care. Much of the persecution comes from the Islamic religion. Muslims want to be treated with respect, but where is the respect of Muslims towards Christians and other faith groups?

In this country, the good old USA, we can hardly say anything against Islam or the Islamic faith without Muslims crying out in protest with the liberal media alongside them.

That is hypocritical and wrong. My dear Muslim, if you want to be treated with respect regarding your faith, respect others as well. As long as Islam is killing Christians because of their faith in Jesus Christ, I will not respect your religion or your prophet.

It is time to stand up and stop bowing down to an intolerant group of people and speak up against the injustice caused by radical Islamist as well as the silent peace-loving Muslims. Their silence makes them irrelevant. Maybe deep within they all hate Christians and are just waiting for Islam to take over the world. May that not be true or ever happen.

I don’t hate Muslims or their faith, but enough is enough. I’m tired of seeing our President going on an apology tour in the Muslim world, while Christians are getting killed and persecuted by Muslims. I’m tired of our government bending over backwards to please the Muslim world, but has no back bone to stand up against the injustice caused by them.

I’m tired of liberal hypocrites and Atheist mocking Christianity, but say hardly anything against the Islamic religion. Why is that? Are people like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins afraid of them? If they would mock Islam as they mock Christianity, I believe they would be 6 feet under ground.

I for one will not be silent about the persecution towards the Christian faith and the attack by the liberals and Atheist on my beliefs. I hope and pray that Saeed Abedini will be freed, although things don’t look to good for him at this time.

What would you say, my peace-loving Muslim, if America or Europe persecuted you for your faith? Tortured you, and put you in prison? Don’t you think that the Imams in the American Mosque should speak out against the persecution of Christians around the world?  After all, aren’t Muslims who live in America supposed to be American?

CAIR is all over the news when they feel that Muslim are being treated unfairly, where are they now? Please people, wake up and don’t be silent like these hypocrites. Saeed Abedini has the right to be a Christian and no one should deny people their faith.

I hope that this will stay in the news and that people will speak out in defense of Saeed Abedini and his family.

I am sure that this Pastor Saeed Abedini is strong in his faith and I know that Jesus will give him the strength to endure whatever may come. May the Lord watch over him.

Author: Media 4 Life Ministries

I consider myself a biblical Christian and a follower and disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My blogs are from a biblical perspective in a postmodern world. I love to study the Bible and the truth which it brings forth and applying those biblical principles into my daily walk with the Lord. Freelance Photographer and Photo Editor. Contractor for the Media Department at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego. I love to write and I have a passion to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, utilizing the internet. Administrator for Church websites and other ministries. I like reaching out via the social networks to people around the world, that are less fortunate or just need some encouragement in their walk with the Lord. It is not about religion, it is all about a loving relationship with Him Who saved me. All the glory belongs to Him and without Him, I can do nothing. Thank you for visiting my site and please leave me a comment. If you have any questions about the Christian faith, why we believe and what we believe, don’t hesitate to leave me a message. May the Lord bless you all. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good.

31 thoughts on “Iran, Hypocrites and the Peaceful Muslims”

  1. Thank you Sheryl, lot’s of good points in your comment. I responded to Jackie’s comment about the Crusades which happened a long time ago. To bring that into current events is ludicrous. Islam tries to take over the world with the sword, in history and today. We true biblical Christians also fight with a sword, but our sword is the word of God. Blessings to you, Freddy.


  2. Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment. I’m baffled that you bring up the crusades regarding this article. The Crusades happened a long time ago and there are many misconception about them. I will leave a link on this comment for you to look at. I’m not an expert on the Crusades. All I know is that I cannot defend church history, many things were done in the name of God. Mainly by the Roman Catholic Church, which I am not part of. True biblical Christianity does not teach Christians to go to war or kill people. I’m not talking about self defense etc. Christians do not invade countries with a sword and forcefully convert people or behead people if they do not submit to Islam. As Sheryl mentioned in her comment, not everybody that calls themselves Christians are not necessary true believers and followers of Jesus. We are suppose to pray for our enemies and be shining light before the world. Unfortunately, some so called Christians are not. But, there is another side to this. Most people look at the Middle East and North Africa problem with radical Islam that is also spreading into other regions, from a natural human view. Most of the terrorism and violence is caused by radical Islamist, with most of the peaceful Muslim keeping quite and thus becoming irrelevant. From a spiritual view, Islam is the religion of antichrist. They do not believe in Jesus as God, but rather a mere prophet, with Muhammad being the greater prophet. They deny the Son, thus they are the spirit of antichrist. Read 1 John. The good news is that thousands upon thousands in the Islamic world have dreams and vision about Jesus and Christianity is growing in the Middle East. Many of the new believes stay in secret or hiding, because they would be killed if found out. Islam’s mission is to rule the world. That vision is demonic in nature. Iran’s Ahmadinejad believes in the 12th Imam as their messiah which is the antichrist from a Christian view. It is not the Christian faith that causes much of the havoc in the world, it is Islam. Just look around, you cannot deny that. I don’t want to drag this out much further, regarding the Crusades, here is a link:


  3. I agree, Freddy, Unfortunately, the polticially correct climate of our country is harming us. Even Bible-believing Christians are afraid to speak out boldly. I have Christian friends who have made statements such as, “Jesus wasn’t political, so why should I be” or “we know who wins in the end, so I’m not concerned or worried”. I appreciate that you speak out with love. There’s never name-calling or insults, no exclamations marks yelling at your audience, etc…….just the truth. Countless Christians are being killed across the globe, and not a word from our government. We now have a president who some would say is sympathetic to Muslims. But, he’s not only sympathetic. He’s promoting Islam. We teach our kids not to hate Muslims, but we also point out their hatred, intolerance, and haneous acts toward Christians; and their silence on these issues. Muslims say we will be the United States of Islam by 2050. If Christians don’t stand up and start having kids at a higher rate than Muslims, they’ll reach their goal before 2050.


  4. Jackie, the Crusades are frequently used to point out that “Christians” killed and tortured people. I’d just ask you to consider what really is a Christian? In history, and today, there are people who call themselves Christians, but it’s only a label.


  5. About telling Muslims if they want to be treated with respect, then show it? Read up about the Crusades and then ask yourself why Christians are not well received in some countries.


  6. We are praying for the forces of evil to be defeated by our All Powerful and Loving God. May the victory and release come quickly. Thanks for your concerns..


  7. I was recently discussing with a friend how that logic seems to have nothing to do with anything taking place right now. Spiritual darkness blinds men’s minds. For example, gun stats show that gun control is absurd. Stats show lots about how the right is right, but the left care not. This article above is another good example.

    It has nothing to do with logic. It has everything to do with evil. They are of their father the devil, as Jesus once pointed out about similar folk. They want to see our guns removed. They want to see people in death camps, even though they wouldn’t say it that way. They want to see our missionaries die. They hate when you come to their door to share the Gospel,, even though you’re trying to give them their only way of escape from eternal suffering. They’d prefer to kill you then listen to your testimony. It’s all about evil, not logic.


  8. Thank you Marianne, your are one of the few that cares. Too many people keep silent about injustices like this one. There are many more stories like this one. Christians are being persecuted in many countries around the world. Here in the US we are mocked, but if we just sit here and don’t speak out, that may change, seeing the direction this country is heading. Thank you for your comment, may the Lord richly bless you.


  9. I am greatly disturbed that an American citizen has been falsely accused and imprisoned in Iran and this country is showing little to no reaction to help him! I just don’t get it! We Christians MUST keep posting this atrocity everywhere and get the attention of everyone since the liberal press has not put it out there! Perhaps a letter writing campaign to every single newspaper out there would get the message out that an American Pastor, a Christian family man living in Idaho had been taken captive by Iran! If they can take one American, they can take them all! Maybe I will write a letter to my newspaper as a start! I will put this story on my blog and ask all who viist to consider writing a letter also. I signed the petition sent around the internet calling for our leaders to do something but we have to do more! God help us if we don’t!


  10. No problem. Glad to help. God bless you, and thanks for this post. I am quite disgusted over the fact that he is a US Citizen and we aren’t doing anything. Our government, in times past, would have gotten this man back safely..come hell or high water, they would have done it. If Ronald Reagan, for example, was our president, he would probably be on his way back to the US by now. It is most sickening the things that are going on right now. But thanks be to God who will judge, and who will have vengeance upon all of these atrocities!


  11. Your welcome..I already fixed it, and a few other typos (gotta love the typos! LOL) on the one I posted on the vine if you want to just copy and paste what I have from there to here. It’s the same except for typos! LOL I know you have little time..God bless.


  12. Just what do you think would happen if the Christians had a Muslim hostage over here in the US with threats we were going to hang him/her for being a Muslim? There would literally be hell and threats everywhere! That person would surely be released. But a Christian/Christians are in bondage..US Citizen too…and no one cares.


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